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It's been interesting to watch capitalism slowly doing away with private property. Most commercial software is moving towards subscriptions, devices are locked from their users, cars can only be serviced by authorized dealers. Nobody actually owns anything, they just rent it.

@m4sk1n @selfisekai
Mam wrażenie, że te testy są ogólnie słabe jeżeli chodzi o sytuację polityczną poza USA.

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Tym komunizmem też się zdziwiłem. Nie uważam się za komunistę, podejrzewam, że inaczej zinterpretowałem niektóre pytania :P

Co do niektórych pytań miałem spore wątpliwości. Nie wiem czy wynik jest miarodajny 😀

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konfederacji szczerze nie lubię, ale to co dzisiaj zrobiło TVP to kpina.
- złamali prawo prasowe przez komentowanie wyroku zaraz przed i po pokazaniu sprostowania
- zwiększyli DPI z 9 razy specjalnie na ten jeden raz, żeby tekst o określonej w wyroku treści był mały i nie do odczytania
- zmienili treść sprostowania, zmieniając np. "nieprawdziwe" na "niepełne"
- na koniec materiału, który miał być przeprosinami, przeszli jeszcze do szczucia na partię

Marks, Harry Potter i ślimak hermafrodyta 

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guys in my GNU userland there are tools called 'man', 'cp' and 'finger'... you think stallman is to blame?
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Dear @tuxcrafting

It makes sense in email. When there is a long chain of emails between many people it's easier to see who said what.

Kind regards,

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The lite version of #Fedilab should come soon on #Fdroid (only).
This version is more focused on privacy. Some features can't be changed:
- Built-in browser with automatic updates of the tracking database.
- Nitter and Invidious (but instances can be customized).
- Most important in-app features are still there.
Without minification the size is around 10Mb.

Source code:

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According to the #fediverse has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

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Excited to be at #ConventionClients2019 in Niece with🙌 Ready to tell you more on how we're bringing change to the electronics industry.

#WeAreFairphone and we #DareToCare

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Last week, before list numbers for parties in Poland's forthcoming elections were selected by lottery by the Polish National Electoral Commission, a PiS candidate was already displaying banners that said PiS's list number was 2.

Today, list numbers were announced. PiS's is 2.


This instance was created just for my friends but they don't seem to be interested in the fediverse too much :(
But you're more than welcome, so just create an account and I will for sure accept the application!

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#ShowerThought the very existence of password managers seems like a sign that we're doing computer security wrong.

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Rok temu też działało, ale nie ładowało mapy. Zmienili to?

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Matomo founder
@matthieuaubry watched 'The Great Hack' and found it super interesting. It tells the story of how Cambridge Analytica helped influence the US elections as well as Brexit (and other events), by exploiting FB ads and data. On

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